About Background

We are an exciting blonde and brunette duo that has an amazing chemistry, and anyone in between us certainly feels the electric energy that we have, and despite being used and abused, you will feel part of something very special!

Mistress Peters is eccentric mix of Welsh and Debonair  standing at 6ft in heels. With a small waist and extremely ample breasts that form her seductive hourglass figure.

She will thoroughly enjoy putting a pathetic little boy like you in your place, loving it when you crumble at her feet begging to worship and obey.

She is naturally dominant with a desire to be worshipped. She can be sweet, sadistic and sensual, and on times a mix if all three. She likes to be in charge at all times, because she is the alpha, and you are there to follow her command. She is a powerful female, and you will do well to remember this.

Mistress Vivienne is a buxom blonde, well spoken, with etiquette to die for! Classy and exceptionally naughty, with a PHD in pure filth, this educated fine piece of arse will truly put you through your paces. Do you think you can keep up, whilst keeping it up? You’ll be punished severely if you don’t!