So. You’ve decided you want to book us. Good decision. Feeling nervous is understandable, so here’s a few tips on making sure you don’t disappoint us before we’ve even started.

  • Contact us using the contact form on the website or by text message.
  • Address us appropriately, with our full names, do not exhibit laziness in failing in this respect.
  • State your location, preferred dates and length of booking required. Do not omit this data. We need to know you’re committed.
  • State your interests and fetishes. If you are interested in something not mentioned please respectfully inquire. You will be be expected to satisfy our every need, so remember this remains about pleasing us. A selfish attitude will never do or rest assured we will remind you of how pathetic and worthless you really are if we sense that.
  • State your hard limits. There is no shame in having limits. You as a slave must have the maturity to state your them. They will be respected. Any moron stating that they don’t have any limits is unsafe to themselves and to us.

With all this in mind, go ahead. Make the brave step into our world. And realise your fantasies. Click on 'Contact Form' below:

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