I am Mistress Peters. I am a powerful woman both physically and mentally. I am tall, with striking curves and a natural air of dominance. I know exactly what I want from you and I know how to get it. I am unrelenting in my standards for myself and for you and I expect you to be obedient to my will. You must understand that to serve me is a privilege and align your mentality with that for your time together.

My favourite type of meets are dinner dates. I really enjoy the social aspects, and being treated like a lady, knowing that later, despite the good intentions of the gentleman, he will be kissing my boots, collared on the end of my leash. My manners are impeccable and I expect the same standard from those in my presence. Your social etiquette on our date will be assessed and the taste of my whip on your skin later will reflect how well you did.

I cater for a wide range of fetish and for those who are new to domination, I offer a tie and tease taster session, which involves some light bondage and gentle impact play.

There isn't much that shocks me so if you have a taboo please share!!!

Mistress Peters also does solo meets, to arrange to see her alone then please direct yourself to her website. 

Mistress Peters