So you’re new to the world of BDSM, and you’re apprehensive and a little bit nervous. Now darling, don’t be too scared as we all started somewhere. The little masochist inside you, knows you like humiliation and pain, but you’re quite sure how much?

You want to dip your toe into our dark little world, but you’re also worried you’re going to go home wearing the stripes of the whip. Now let’s put that submissive little mind at ease.

This is where you really need to be honest with us! You probably already know your limits and have a really good idea of what you want to happen. You’ve probably run through your fantasy in your head for a while before taking the step to make it a reality. You know what will and won’t turn you on. For example humiliation talk, may be a massive turn off for you, however spitting in your mouth and face may be your idea of heaven. Everyone is different and none of it shocks us anymore, we can assure you.

Again you probably already whether impact play is going to be your thing, but you don’t know how hard, and this is where a traffic light system replaces the ‘safe word.’ ‘Green’ means continue, ‘amber’ is reaching your limit and ‘red’ means stop. However I would prefer for you to say,  ‘I am at amber but I am at my limit.’ Everyone has their limits and we can explore yours together in a controlled environment and at your own place.

With tie and tease as well, we want you to know we are not going to position you in any extreme and unnatural positions, nor are we gong to leave the room whilst you are tied and restricted in the taster session. You may really like the idea of being bound uncomfortably, and in other sessions, we can look at this, but you also need to respect the fact your body has limits. You cannot walk into a yoga master class as a novice and expect to complete the work out. You’re new to this, and we don’t want you so sore, the next day you cannot go into work, because then your sorry little arse cannot earn money to book us again!

There is no shame in having limits, and we can explore and push them together, as we train you to become the best version of your submissive/slave self that you possibly can be. Please do not confuse this sensible approach for kindest, we may be all smiles during our initiation conversation, but when the session starts, you will see the other side.